Web based software

optional with GSM-Function

The IXARO software is the communication and control center of the IXARO radio paging system. From here, the dispatcher and porter direct all important processes and can easily send messages to truck drivers. In addition, all relevant information such as waiting and loading times, loads and license plates of the trucks are saved.



  • The web-based software can be used by any client (PC, tablet, smartphone) in the network
  • Encrypted data transfer (HTTPS)
  • Updated runtime environment (AdoptOpenJDK)
  • Export function (Excel) for documentation and archiving of all processes
  • Flexible adaptable to individual customer needs
  • Test software live

  • Logistiklager
  • Software Einzelplatz Grafik

    Our new update is available (Version 1.2.3), optionally with a GSM module.

  • Software WebApp Grafik

    The web-based software that can be used by every client in the network. API-capable and optionally with a GSM module with which driver cell phones or other mobile devices can also be used.


Latest version

  • Our update has significantly improved performance and stability at high loads. The entire user interface has been further optimized in order to offer our customers the best possible user experience.

  • There are new functions such as the integration of the GSM module. With this extension there is the possibility of SMS from the software to cell phones or even text messages from cell phones to pagers. Pagers can now also receive emails.


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