Our IXARO transmitter-palette is „made in germany” and offers you the right solution for every warehouse size.


IXARO pager

The IXARO battery pager is a robust alphanumeric pager that has its own charging station. It is specially designed for truck drivers with easy handling and a clearly legible display.

Software Bild

Web software/centralized

Our API-capable software supports you efficiently with the truck inflow control. Use the software with encrypted data transmission (HTTPS) and updated runtime environment (AdoptOpenJDK).


Yard Management Systems

The IXARO radio paging system can be used in conjunction with OAS yard management systems to automate your truck inflow control and thus save personnel.

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  • The IXARO web software is API-capable and can therefore be integrated into in-house systems:
  • Mercareon
  • Transporeon
  • Cargoclix
Schranken öffnen Bild

IXARO gate opener

  • Access control with the IXARO radio paging system and IXARO TwoWay pagers: Truck drivers can open barriers independently with a given TwoWay pager - without leaving their vehicle.

Time slot booking

The IXARO time slot booking optionally extends the IXARO radio paging system in order to optimize the material flow of your logistics warehouse.

Bild Pager, im Hintergrund Logistikzentrum

By ok to the loading point

With the industrial-grade IXARO smartphone and the app supplied, a truck driver can navigate to the destination independently of pagers. The solution is available in 15 different national languages.

Bild WLF 800 Sender

IXARO transmitter WLF 800

  • The IXARO WLF 800 is a self-sufficient, wireless sending and receiving station with pager acknowledgment function that can send and receive messages to pagers - without a PC.

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